Where Freshman Futa is a series based on an older fantasy, MY MARRIAGE COUNSELOR IS A FUTA is based off a recurring fantasy of mine lately. In it, a strong and sexy futanari sweeps me on my feet and convinces me that she’s a better lover than my husband.

Obviously she’s willing to prove it to me! Ahhh, sometime’s I wish all of this were actually real. We need more chicks with dicks!

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Freshman Futa #3 – The First Submission is Out Now!

So with the first two installments in the FF series, I had much more of a slow burn to the sexy time. Part 3 really turns it up a notch in the steaminess.

As I’m writing, I started really enjoying Shelly and how she reacts to things, but as time goes on I’m liking Kim more and more…

Also, for those of you without Kindle Unlimited – I’m releasing parts 1-3 of Freshman Futa in one package as the Welcome to Marigold collection! look for that tomorrow, probably!

As for the future, I’m definitely gonna continue working on FF, but I think I’m gonna try my hand at some one shots first…

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I Think I Bought Beef Jerky Last Night

because damn I can feel it this morning.

Last night was my friend Amani’s 26th birthday, and we decided to try out this crazy thing called “Dollar Margaritas” – are those legal? While just about as disappointing as they sound, they put us in a good mood to drink like normal people in her apartment. I stumbled back home around 3. Work in an hour…

Reviewing “Girlfriend’s Futa Surprise” by Ruby Scarlet


Ruby Scarlet’s Girlfriend’s Futa Surprise is a simple yet effective piece of slickbait. For my first review I tried to find something that was not too laden with other subkinks or far-out premises. Girlfirend’s Futa Surprise filled that niche perfectly.

This story starts off with a bit of under-the-table foot play. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of feet in general, but the scene made sense in context (It’d probably be rude if our main characters, James and Grace were naked in the dining hall). James is your average male erotic self-insert for these kinds of stories. He’s effeminate, smaller than other guys his age, and has a smoking hot domme girlfriend that makes him eat his own cum in the stairwell. That took off a bit. Grace, unfortunately has very little in the way of characterization that separates her from thousands of other chicks with dicks. She’s sultry and domineering without being mean, and her lips always taste like cherry (Hello, Katy Perry!)

James is a virgin who has never had a girlfriend. Now, however, he’s got Grace, and she’s teased him over the past three months; handjobs are as far as they’ve progressed. But sultry Miss Grace promises to rock James’ world tonight.

So our Hero James bumps into this other girl on the way to Grace’s place, like, literally bumps into her because all the blood in his brain is now squarely in his cock. She holds him close and slips her number into his back pocket. Sequel bait! Good job, James, you Casanova, you.

We get to a scene of Grace teasing our hero about finishing his meal before he gets dessert. Aha! Dramatic Irony! know that Grace has a monster schlong under her tight pants, but James has no idea! Lots of jokes seemingly go over poor James’ head, but we’re all thankful that Grace is so patient.

There’s a neat little body licking scene of Grace to James that actually manages to conjure the image that these characters are more than just Barbie and Ken dolls with oozing cocks. Of course, as soon as we get through with that, we get the reveal. Alright, here we go, this is why I rented this. Gimme the D, Ruby Scarlet.

As far as genital descriptions, this one is lighter than others. We get the expected sense that she is more a man than James vis-a-vis cock size, and my favorite part in the whole story is when she rubs the tip on his lips goading him to suck her off. It’s a sweet but dangerously sexy moment in which James describes the feeling as having cum-lipstick applied. I definitely won’t steal that line.

The blow job is a blow job. What did you expect? She cums in three paragraphs. There’s little in the way of any worship that I really enjoy in my Futa stories. It’s serviceable and adequate, but I want more.

Immediately we jump to anal sex. I have a problem with this common progression. Maybe I just want some more wining and dining in my smut, but it all feels too quick for me to really get my juices flowing. There’s a cute bit where Grace explains that she’ll go gently into that good night but only if James doesn’t bark like a bitch in heat. James, being the tiny slutpuppy that he is, can’t resist her mighty cock and badda bing badda boom we’re done.

Girlfriend’s Futa Surprise is a simple yet passionately erotic tale of a boy finding out his much more dominant girlfriend has something extra.

While the tale is as old as time (or at least the internet), I enjoyed it for its masterful simplicity. If there were a place to start with Futa Fiction, it would be this story.

I give this story 4/5 stars and a 2/5 on the clush-ometer. It’s competently written and formatted, and a guy will probably blow his load to every scene with Grace in it, but I couldn’t get where I was going with this story.

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Hey everybody.  I’m Saoirse (pronounced seer-SHa) Collins. I’m a young-at-heart Irish-American girl who decided it was time to put my wild fantasies to paper. I’ve got two stories published so far under the FRESHMAN FUTA series. These were based off a particularly vivid fantasy I had when I was shopping around for colleges. I might identify a bit too much with Shelly! 😀

This blog post isn’t very long because I don’t know exactly what to say! If you found this blog from the back-page of my stories, then I say “Thank you!”

Watch this space for announcements about more works in the future and other saucy going-ons. Who knows, we might break out into reviewing Amazon Erotica!


Love you all!

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